Narrative skills are important pre-literacy skills that help children understand what they hear and read.

These skills include the ability to describe things, to tell events in order and retell stories.

There are many ways parents can promote narrative skills in children of ALL ages!

Even young children including babies can benefit from learning pre-literacy skills!

You can start by naming all the objects in your child's world.  This helps babies develop vocabulary skills. Knowing the names of things is an extremely important skill for children to have when they are ready to begin talking.

For toddlers, talk about your day! As you go through your day, talk about the things you are doing.  Explain the steps involved in activities, such as getting dressed or making breakfast.  This is an easy and fun way to teach your child the order of events.


For preschoolers, have them practice re-telling stories. While reading, stop and give your child time to talk about what is happening in the book. Ask your child questions about what has happened so far, who the story is about and what may happen next.  Also ask your child to describe the pictures in the book.  By re-telling stories, your child will get practice at sequencing and describing events.


*Reading books to your child is an excellent way to build narrative and literacy skills. Remember your child is never too young to begin learning these important communication skills!*



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