Before you even meet, your child's SLP may send you a form to fill out about your child.

It is a good idea to fill this form out before you meet with the SLP, because your first meeting might be brief and the SLP needs as much information as possible. Filling the form out beforehand also gives you more time to discuss your own concerns about your child.

The SLP will ask you several questions with this form. Some of the questions will be about your child's speech and language development, and some will ask about more general information. You may want to refer to your child's baby book, if you have one.

Click here to see some questions your child's SLP may ask you.

You should come prepared too!

Click here to see a list of questions you might want to ask your child's SLP.


1) Meeting the SLP

Questions the SLP may ask you - Questions to ask the SLP

2) Evaluation and Assessment

3) Speech Therapy