your child will learn through singing! :)

Can Singing & Music Help My Child?


Strategies for Promoting Language & Communication Through Music & Singing

The benefits of music and singing are endless! Music and singing provide a fun and easy way for learning many essential life skills, including the successful acquisition of speech, language, communication, and can provide a solid background in oral language abilities. Oral language is an interactive and social process, and music is a natural way for children to experience language in an enjoyable way.


Singing can help your child communicate by:

• Developing verbal skills

• Vocalizing

• Socially interacting with peers (pragmatics)

• Communicate effectively other family members and loved ones

• Articulation

• Writing

• And so much more!


Singing can help with issues related to:

• Autism - singing or chanting is more melodic than speaking, therefore it is more engaging when used in conversation.

• Stuttering - singing requires deep breathing, breath support, and a slowing down of the speaking process, engaging the entire body, and helps with general voice onset.

• ADD/ADHD - singing is a fully engaging activity that helps with calming and focusing.


Did you know that singing with your child at home has many benefits for communication & language development?

Suggestions on how to use music in your home:

• Select songs that your child loves to sing!

• Choose music of American and Multicultural Folk Songs, with recordings and lyrics, to assist with learning and singing,

Holiday songs for children, including educational music for celebrating Presidents' Day, Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa.

Select songs for teaching at home! Use music to teach content  across the curriculum - to students of all ages. These links offer  thousands of children's songs, lyrics, sound clips and teaching  suggestions.

• Use singing, sing-song, or chanting, in place of speaking during conversation (autism)

• Encourage your child to sing with you using gestures and movement

- excerpts from The Magic of Signing Songs: Enhancing All Children's Literacy Skills and Love of Language.


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