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Articulation is the act or manner of creating sounds. It is the act of pronouncing something that can be clearly understood.

Articulation Activities

There are many fun ways to incorporate articulation practice into your home life. There are several resources online for picture worksheets, flash cards, stories, and games that focus on a specific sound your child may need extra help with.
Common Misarticulated Sounds:
sh, zh
ch, j
s, z
k, g

Flash cards that include pictures or words with the target sound are easy to use and can even be handmade. :

Worksheets with several pictures or words with the target sound are also really easy to use at home. They can be made or found at these websites:

Story Pages:
Reading with your child will almost always allow for an opportunity to use the target sound. This website includes story pages for specific speech sounds.

Mirror Work:
Practicing with your child in front of a mirror is a strategy that is also helpful. Doing so helps your child to see how their mouth needs to move to create the sound, where their tongue needs to be placed,etc.

Games that can be made into speech activities:
Guess Who?

Go Fish- especially useful for children struggling with the final /sh/ sound. Also, the pictures on the cards can either be created or strategically chosen in order to include the target speech sound. For instance; if your child struggles with the /r/ sound you can encourage them to ask for colors such as red, green, orange, etc.

Rather than using games and worksheets, most children benefit from simple reminders from parents on how to correctly say the speech sound. Asking your child to repeat or giving them an example of how to correctly say the sound is extremely useful for them mastering the sound.

Resources This site has videos of a speech therapist demonstrating different sounds then asking the child to repeat the sound 5 times. This is a good source for children to listen to the sounds. This site gives really good simple ideas to do at home with a child. Such as a "Sound Walk" asking the child to look for things that start with the target sound. This site has a lot of interactive online articulation games for older children.

Card Game

Card Game

initial SH sounds worksheet

initial SH sounds worksheet
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